How can one ever tire of this bedroom’s beach view? Eventually, though, one might want to watch TV in bed or order up a movie.
That’s no problem. But where to mount a flat-panel TV without destroying this Mission Beach vista just north of San Diego? Easy. Just place the TV in a lift—under the bed. And at the press of a button, have it slide out and tilt into view.

Actually that wasn’t so easy. First, a special Underbed Lift from MK 1 Studio was required to slide arms from under the bed and position the screen upright. Then, the lift had to be designed into the bed frame, according to Ryan Lipkovicius of custom electronics company, Audio Impact in San Diego.

One the homeowners press a button on their RTI T2 remote control, the TV takes about 32 seconds to rise into view. Lipkovicius says a 39-pound Samsung LEF TV was chosen for its thinness and light weight, above all else. It also doesn’t doesn’t hurt that the LED TV is more energy efficient than many other types of sets, and that helps make up for the energy required to operate the lift mechanisms.

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