Shading solutions

Your one-touch management of daylight

Just the right amount of light

Besides giving you privacy, automatic shades offer solar protection, help to control glare, and provide reduction in solar heat gain.

Reduce solar heat

Solar protection

Protect your rugs, artwork, and furniture from UV rays in an eco-friendly way.

Reduce solar glare

Control glare

Manage glare to enjoy watching television or using your computer even when the sun is the strongest.

Solar Protection

Reduced heat gain

Decrease the amount of heat that comes from sunlight streaming through your windows.

Style meets function

Audio Impact offers a wide selection of highly functional fabrics to choose from to ensure your shades complement your decor and provide suitable daylight control. Coupled with motorization options and control options, we create customized designs to fit your lifestyle and tastes.

  • Dozens of fabric options
  • Specialty curtains such as bead and chain
  • Ultra quiet motors
  • Shade and curtain automation
  • Custom automated schedules
  • One touch control
Window Shade Automation

"When closed and lowered on a sunny window, reflective blinds can reduce heat gain by around 45%."


Maximize efficiency, convenience, and comfort

Automating your window shades provides versatility and personalization while letting you open or close them as needed. Close your drapes in the morning and open them back up in the afternoon to block the harshest of the sun’s glare, while still allowing natural light into your home. Setting up a custom schedule for your window treatments maximizes efficiency, convenience, and comfort.

Bring your favorite movies to life

Your entire home in one touch

Privacy at the touch of a button

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