Custom screening rooms

A true theater-quality experience at home

Best seat in the house

Regardless of how complex your home theater demands are, we guarantee a fully optimized installation with simple and intuitive control.

Screening rooms

Custom design

Audio Impact will design, install, and program your home theater system around your personal needs.

Smart Home Control

Intelligent control

With the push of a button, the lights dim, and your favorite movie comes to life on the big screen.

Surround Sound

Surround sound

Surround sound speakers create the ultimate theater experience, immersing you in the movie.

Your dreams a reality

Audio Impact specializes in meticulous home theater installations to provide you with a stunning audio/visual experience that fits into any budget range. From basic television and speaker installations to completely custom home cinemas with hide-away screens, fully automated curtains, and digital video archiving, our unique team of highly trained technicians make every home theater dream a reality.

screening room control

"Screening rooms have become an essential work and social accessory in luxury homes around the U.S."

− Wall Street Journal

The ultimate home theater experience

As your home theater experts, Audio Impact loves to work with you on your fully customized home cinema designs from the beginning stages of building or remodeling. In preparing your custom home theater, we work hand in hand with your architects, contractors, designers, and other building personnel. We prepare computer generated mock-ups of the room, detailing equipment specifications and dimensions, as well as power and heat ventilation requirements. This helps everyone involved in the design and build stages to best prepare your home theater system so it performs flawlessly and is acoustically sound, giving you the ultimate home theater experience.

Bring your favorite movies to life

Your entire home in one touch

Privacy at the touch of a button

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