Remodel your basement into a Home Theater

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With residential construction at nearly a standstill, compounded by the dismal real estate market, Appollo Systems of Maple Grove, Minn., is experiencing a significant increase in existing home or retro-installations. As homeowners once considered new construction, they are now electing to stay in their current homes. Many see a remodel as an investment that will, hopefully, result in a healthy return when the real estate market starts booming again.

Appollo Systems has developed a partnership with the Finished Basement Company, who specialize in basement and lower-level remodels. They, too, have noticed an increased interest in homeowners finally getting around to completing those unfinished spaces in their house. The Finished Basement Company handles all the construction, with Appollo Systems, as their exclusive A/V contractor, handling any of the client’s electronic needs ranging from home theaters to whole-house audio. Together, they can develop whatever solution is required to assure the client’s complete satisfaction.

Unlike Appollo Systems’ complex and sophisticated dedicated home cinemas, the projects associated with remodels tend to be more modest. The rooms are usually multi-functional and serve as the home’s entertainment hub. Large flat panel TVs, rather than two-piece projection systems, are more common along with simple electronics installed in entertainment centers. Most systems range from $5,000 to $50,000.

In a joint promotional campaign, Finished Basement Company and Appollo Systems contributed a custom-designed system, including installation, valued at $25,000 to a lucky sweepstakes winner. Their installation is actually in two separate areas, one being a home theater consisting of a 60-inch plasma TV featuring a 3.5-inch full-color touch screen remote, plus a second zone of audio and video in a billiards room that will also have a 26-inch LCD TV.

While this project falls in the category of a retrofit, it’s technically new construction since it’s being installed in a previously unfinished space. It will take approximately 45 to 50 days to complete the entire project, though the A/V install should only last about five days total.

“While this particular installation has not been completed yet,” says veteran Design and Installation Specialist Austin Figgins, for Appollo Systems. “We have successfully completed numerous systems with our new business partner, the Finished Basement Company. With our expertise in premiere home cinemas, our team of experts can effectively qualify, design and install more modest systems quickly and with greater efficiently.”

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