6 Ways Smart Phones are Changing Home Security

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With today’s on-the-go lifestyle, mobile technology is changing what you should expect from a home security system. With the right installation, securing your home and family is as simple as clicking an app on your mobile device.
Mobile-ready security systems are amazing for homeowners who want to know their home is secure while they are away at work, or on vacation.

Here are 6 amazing ways that smart phones are changing home security:

1) Watch security cameras through your phone.
Now you can watch live streaming video feeds that not only keep you secure, but also let you greet visitors at your door, view your kids coming home from school, check on pets and much more. In addition, you can view recorded clips to check motion activated alerts or events you might have missed.

2) Receive real-time home security notifications.
Know what is happening right as it happens through text messages or email. You can have alerts sent anytime a sensor is activated in your home, such as the garage door opening, a window or door opening, or motion in the house while the home is armed. You can even specify what type of alerts you want to receive so you don’t get overwhelmed with notifications.

3) Instant connection to 24/7 emergency response.
With active alerts and fully capable communications, you can confirm if a security threat exists and alert authorities right from your mobile device.

4) Reliable communications.
Properly installed with the right backup power and fail-safes, a remote system offers more reliability. A trained professional can design a system that stays secure even in a power outage.

5) Remote access control for home service providers.
Smart locks with wireless connections allow you to lock and unlock your door remotely. Now you can give access to contractors or guests and even setup unique codes for specific users. You’ll always know who is accessing your home and when. For added security, additional features allow you to lock one door that action triggers all the other doors in the house to lock. Smart locks can even unlock doors during a fire, allowing safer evacuation and emergency response.

6) Create a completely customized security solution.
Mobile apps and online management tools allow you to customize your security system to your specific needs. Create personalized rules, add users, set up custom notifications and much more.

With the right installation team, the capabilities of your home security are endless. Audio Impact installs security and smart home systems throughout San Diego County. We build strong systems that keep you connected even through unexpected challenges such as power outages and down communication lines.

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