The Future of Home Technologies

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CEDIA offers a sneak peek of what’s available and what’s coming.

September 07, 2011 by Lisa Montgomery

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What does the home of the future look like? In the garage there might be a charging station for your car. In the kitchen your blender might work without requiring a power cord, deriving power instead from the countertop. And in the living room your windows might tint automatically when the sun hits high noon so that the video on your 104-inch tall screen is crystal clear.

These were some of the up-and-coming technologies demonstrated today at the Future Technology Pavilion at the CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis. The Pavilion, which was designed to resemble a typical home, included innovative products from more than two dozen different manufacturers.

Wireless Charger

Wireless charging station from Leggett and Platt in the home office is built into surface of the desk. Instead of docking your smartphone into a charging station, in the future, you might be able to charge it by just laying on the top of your office desk—or some other surface. Leggett and Platt is developing wireless power technology that can be embedded into all type of furniture.

Eaton EV charger

Electric car charging station in the garage from Eaton. Electric cars are making inroads, so Eaton has developed a 240-volt charging station designed for use in residential garages. An Eaton spokesperson says the device can fully charge an electric car in six hours.


Automated RX Tender medication dispenser on the bedroom nightstand from iCare. Although it’s designed for the elderly, we all forget to take our medication sometimes. This automated pill dispenser can be programmed to emit an audible reminder and can communicate with a GrandCare monitoring system. If the door of the RX Tender isn’t opened after the alarm sounds, the GrandCare system can instantly notify a caregiver.

Living Room

244 x 104 inch screen in the living room from Stewart Filmscreen. This larger-than-life screen takes home entertainment to a whole new level. Six dvision video projectors from Digital Projection are positioned behind the screen so that multiple images can be displayed simultaneously. For example, while checking out the sports scores and video conferencing, you can watch a movie. And with the proper calibration, the screen can blend with the color of the wall so it’s less apparent.

Searura TV

Mirror TV in the bathroom from Seura. The LCD TV appears in the portion of the mirror, which is framed in LED lighting which can change color to suit your mood. In addition a wireless scale in the bathroom feeds data to a computer in the home or to your health care provider. It’s an easy, effective way to manage your weight and overall health.

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