5 Bad DIY Theaters

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Five examples of when the pros should have been called in.

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June 24, 2010 | by EH Staff

You have to love the do-it-yourself community. They certainly are a passionate bunch.
We have seen some phenomenal examples of what the DIYer can do. And we’ve seen some, well, not so great examples.
While we hate to pooh-pooh someone’s passion project, there is a reason that people call in the pros. Screen sizes, wire management, angles, adjustments and even decor; it’s a lot to think about. That’s why so many choose to pay someone to do it. They want to get the job done right – the first time.
Of course, some people love to tweak until the room or system is perfect. Here are five examples of DIYers that didn’t think that was really necessary.

Floor Is Not a Rack

This looks like a fun little setup. That mess on the floor? Not so much. There are wires just about everywhere, including going up the corner wall and out to the middle of the ceiling. Aside from a cleaner installation, it would have been nice if the speakers weren’t so squished into this small space. We know people need to make do. This one just could have used a little help on how to make the best of that space. Also, is that an OPPO DVD player laying right on the floor? Was a cardboard box not available?
Source: AVS Forum

A Hoarder’s Home Theater

Remember the old saying that too much is never enough? That does not apply to home theater. This homeowner had a few too many tchotchkes to work into his space. The end result found his speakers cutting off the screen – his 4:3 screen. Perhaps a pro would have told him to take some of those trinkets to another room, or at least organize the clutter slightly better.

A Little Help?

The owner of this gorgeous room wanted to funk things up by adding a home theater. However, there were many problems with that scenario. For one, he wanted to put the plasma above the fireplace, which is super high up. Then there were some other little issues, like where to put the center channel and how the end result might echo in that giant open space. Apparently, time was not an issue. At last look, the homeowner was looking for second opinions on how and where to make this happen in the home.
Source: AVS Forum

A Web of Wires

Even Spider-Man couldn’t get his way out of this web. Maybe that’s because he would be stuffed inside a crowded cabinet. This area looks like a spot where old components go to die. It sounds like a nice setup. It just looks like a fire waiting to happen. Also, is that duct tape on the DirecTV receiver? No wonder it’s behind closed doors.
Source: Flickr…

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