Vizio Adds 3D TVs, Blu-ray Players

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New 3D TVs come in 55″, 47″ and 42″ versions with LED backlighting and Internet apps.

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By Grant Clauser November 17, 2010

Vizio is giving its XVT line a 3D upgrade. Vizio just launched three new 3D TVs to round out a product family that includes 3D active shutter glasses, two 3D Blu-ray players, high-speed HDMI cables and a Wi-Fi router optimized for the web-based apps available on many of the company’s products.

The XVT 3D TVs come in three sizes: 55″, 47″ and 42″. All three 1080p LCD TVs use LED backlighting, but the two larger models employ a local-dimming full away system, while the 42″ model uses edge-lit LEDs in a system Vizio calls Razor, also with local dimming. All three models feature Vizio’s Apps (VIA), as does the Blu-ray player…

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